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Skip to content brought to you by the american academy of ophtalmology donate eyecare america the foundation of the american academy of ophthalmology search home diseases & conditions parts of the eye glossary current news how to help the carotid artery and the eye share with a friend share with a friend the carotid artery and the eye a link to this article will be included in your message your e-mail address: your name: your friend's e-mail address: your friend's name: neither your email address nor the recipient's will be stored or added to any database, so there's no need to unsubscribe from any list. Close without sharing. Give us feedback the carotid artery and the eye your name first name mi laast name your e-mail address (optional) subject (optional) select one... Suggest a story feedback your message: close without sending thank you. Your feedback will help us improve this site. Close the carotid (pronounced ka-rah-tid) arteries are located in your neck and are the main arteries supplying blood to the eyes and brain. There are two carotid arteries: one on the right side of the neck (which supplies blood to the right side of the brain) and one on the left side of the neck (which supplies blood to the left side of the brain). When blood flowing through the carotid artery is reduced or blocked, the eyes and brain do not receive enough oxygen. As a result, brain function and vision can be greatly affected.   what happens when the carotid artery is blocked? A narrowing, hardening or irregularity of the carotid artery can cause a blood clot or accumulation of debris to form in the artery. This is known as carotid artery disease. The debris may break off into the blood stream and interfere with blood flow to the eyes and brain. A reduction of blood flow through one of the carotid arteries may cause temporary vision loss in the eye on the same side. The loss of vision is like a curtain being drawn over the eye and usually lasts just one or two minutes. Weakness or numbness can also occur on one side of the body. Temporary blockages of the arteries are called transient ischemic attacks (tia). generic viagra online cheap viagra online buy viagra buy cheap viagra viagra online cheap viagra cheap viagra cheap viagra online buy viagra online australia fast delivery cheap viagra You should see your ophthalmologist (eye m. D. ) or physician immediately if you experience such episodes. Tias are warning signs that a complete blockage of the artery may occur. A complete blockage of the carotid artery can cause a stroke. The effects of stroke can be either mild (loss of side vision or slight muscle weakness) or severe (complete loss of vision. Cortez Mack @ 773-719-2365

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