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Cortez L. Mack

773.719.2365 – E-mail: jkbu2003@yahoo.com




Height: 5’7   Weight: 165lbs   Hair: Black     Eyes: Light Brown   Shoe:  

Waist: 38



Theatre: Writer, Director, Producer – Music: Songwriter, Producer, Arranger - Film & Television Production – Actor - Model



Jkbu Productions, Inc. – Cortez Mack                                          

2000, July 2009 – present

®        “decisions: the turning point”          writer, director, producer


Jkbu Productions, Inc. – Cortez Mack                               

2001 – 2001, June 2009 – present

®        “Where Do The Children Play?”       writer, director, producer


Southwest Outreach Initiative, Inc. – Sofee Sophia/Lisha Shaffer       

June 2009

®        “What Mama Don’t Know Won’t Hurt”     stage manager, assist audio tech


Jkbu Productions, Inc. – Cortez Mack                            

May 2006, April 2009 – May 2009

®        “Brought Together By Christ”          writer, director, producer


Ralph J. Productions, Inc. – Ralph J. Fulgham                                                   

May 2009

®        “I’m Marrying The Wrong Woman”            sound and light technician


StreetWise Productions, Inc - Charles Longstreet                           

April 2008, April 2009

®        “The Pawn Shop”                              writer, director, stage manager, co-producer


First Pentecostal Church Of God, Inc. – Cortez Mack                                      

April 2009

®        “The Last 7 Words of Jesus Christ” (skit)   writer, director, producer


Jkbu Productions, Inc. – Cortez Mack                                                                   

July 2007          

®        “what about the children”                writer, director, producer


Sankofa - James Mack/Eugene Parker                                                            

 October 2008

®        “The Waiting Room”                                    light technician


Ralph J. Productions, Inc. - Ralph J. Fulgham                                                

October 2008

®        “I Wanna Be Saved”                          Nate, supporting role


Ralph J. Productions, Inc. - Ralph J. Fulgham                                           

 May, June  2008

®        “In The Name Of Love”        (Light and Sound Tech) Kevin, supporting role


J.A.M. Productions, Inc. - Jacqueline A. Miller                                                     

May 2008

®        “Walking In Black Patent Heels”    Granville T. Woods, actor

 Chicago State UniversityMeta Commerse                                                                  

April 2007

®        “The Sixth Commandment”  stage manager, director’s assistant, sound tech


Men of Heritage/Chi-Vision EntertainmentJohn Ruffin            

March 2006 – June 2006

®        “Woman-To-Woman”           stage manager,  director’s ass’t, light tech

featuring Reginald Ballard (“Brotha Man” from the Martin Show), James DeBarge from DeBarge and Gemini from the R&B group Men At Large


Li’sha/O’Tey Productions, Inc.Lisha Shaffer & Aaron O’Tey          

January, June 2006

®        “The Lay-a-Way Plan”         stage manager, director’s assistant


LaurDon EntertainmentDamian D. Hines                                                                     

 May 2006

®        “The Dawg In Me”                stage manager, director’s assistant

            featuring Comedian Leon Rogers and Chicago Idol Winner/Recording Artist

Maurice Mohan


3 Elements Entertainment, Inc.Kristi Dawson                                          

February 2006

®        “In Spite Of”              stage manager, ass’t casting director, light tech)


Only A Stranger Christian Productions, Inc. – Matt Moran

October 2005 – November 2005

®        ImProverbs”                                    production assistant, video technician)



“what about the children” -  Jkbu Productions, Inc.                    
            - writer, director, producer


“The Bounty Hunter”  - (Columbia College student film, Dan Russell)

October 2007

- Chris, lead (reel available)


“Samantha” (Columbia College student film, Shawn Montgomery)       

September 2007

            - Chris, lead (reel available)


Chicago International Film Festival” Spot Shoot”                                       

August 2007

            - production assistant


“Wages of Sin” - (independent film, Nathyn Masters)                                 

March 2007

            - production assistant


“Prime Suspect”  - (Columbia College student film, Chris Ausdemore)  

December 2006

- Suspect, lead                


“Twenty to Two”  - (Columbia College student film, Steven Brummel)            

June 2006

            - Jack, lead


“Astroil”              - (IIT student commercial, Warren Rudd)                           

June 2006

            - Stranded Motorist (reel available)


“The Midnite Snack”  - (IIT student film, Warren Rudd)                                  

May 2006

            - Rob (reel available)


“The Blain Hour”  - (IIT live in-studio student film, Carlos Rodriguez)                

 March 2006

            - Pastor Mathers (reel available)


“The Break Up” starring Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Anniston         

 June 2005 – July 2005

- Chicago Cubs Fan/Concert Fan, extra



“The Waiting Room”            health education PSA            - JEM Productions   currently in production

            - co-writer, co-director, co-producer


A Place of Safety”               commercial, Monument of Faith Ministries             

 August 2009

            - writer, co-director


“AquaFina”                commercial with Lou Piniella, Cubs Manager,         

August 2007

            - Chicago Cubs Fan


“ABC7 190 North”                commercial                                                     

December 2006

-           theatre patron     


“The Improv Kitchen”           commercial – Jared Hoffa & Be A Films,      

August 2006

            - featured waiter


“Prison Break”                                                                                  

Nov 2005 –March 2006

            - Businessman/Courtroom Reporter/Cameraman/Construction Worker, extra



¯        Youth Hip Hop Praise Extravaganza, Morgan Park P’ costal Church    

June 2009

                        - event coordinator


¯        “Lady, You’re Special” inspirational spoken word single                         

December 2008

                        - producer, songwriter, arranger


¯        Hallelujah! Praiz-N-Hip Hop Youth Jam                  

December 2007, March 2008

                        - producer


¯        “Better Days”  Written/Performed by Eddie Gomez                             

 June 2007

                        - co-producer, choir director


¯                 Celebration Of Praise Promotional CD Tour             

 October 2004 – January 2005

- producer, songwriter, tour arranger


¯        Celebration of Praise Debut CD                                                                 

 May 2004

                        - producer, songwriter


¯        Women of Praise Gospel Explosion Live Concert                                 

March 2003

                        -  producer


¯                 Women of Praise Gospel Explosion Promotional Party                    

January 2003

- producer



National Restaurant Association                                                                  

January 2006

            - Cookbook Model


Believers Time Christian Publication                                          

December 2005

            - “Model of the Month”  


Radio & Television:

“Report To The People”, Comcast Cable 25                                              

 February 2009          

            - special guest: talked about the current youth issues


“FocusTalk”, WKKC 89.3 FM – Dennis Snipes, host                               

 March 2008

            - special guest: talked about the current youth issues


Video Production:

“Virtuous Stand Bon Voyage Concert”, gospel recording artist                            

August 2009

“3rd Year Pastor’s Anniversary Celebration”, Little Mountain of Hope                       

July 2009

“Speak The Truth Fellowship Conference”, Apostle Christine Morris                     

May 2009

“Apostle Installation Service of Pastor C. Kevin Ford”, Prayer Tower Church       

May 2009

“City of Zion 4th Year Appreciation Service”, Dr. JoAnne Coleman                    

April 2009

“Fresh Oil-Fresh Fire Pre-Prophetic Luncheon”, Apostle Joanne Wiggins               

March 2009

“Birthday Celebration of Pastor Slayton Palms, Little Mountain of Hope                         

January 2009



“K.I.D.S. & Taste of Englewood Outdoor Youth Rally                                      

July 2009

- Event Co-Coordinator, Co-Host

JKBU Productions
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