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J.k.b.u (Jesus Keeps Blessing Us) Productions, Inc. is a Christian-based production company whose principal commitment is to provide M.E.S.S. (motivation, education, spirituality and success) opportunities through theatrical, musical and positive recreational outlets. J.k.b.u is a unique and distinctive Christian production company whose objective reflects through the motivation, education, spirituality and success of a diverse society. J.k.b.u’s intent is to motivate individuals and communities who will communicate creatively and shape the world’s perception of issues and events that will cultivate the culture of time. J.k.b.u inspires M.E.S.S. to form a close relationship with a vital urban reality and would serve as a pathway to inspire and encourage present and future generations, especially our youth, by engaging in the life and culture of this city, this state, this country and this world.


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